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Julia Moore

MC8200 Tumblers - Pure Wool Dryer Balls (3)

MC8200 Tumblers - Pure Wool Dryer Balls (3)

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Love soft, fluffy laundry but don't love harsh chemicals? Tumblers wool dryer balls gently lift and separate laundry to increase airflow and reduce drying time.  Tumblers are handmade from 100% virgin wool roving and hand felted to ensure no fibres, no dyes and no chemicals are left behind on your clothing.


  • Toss in the dryer when clothing is damp.  Dry as usual.
  • Store in your dryer between loads.
  • While 3 balls are great, more balls will dry large loads even faster.
  • To prevent static cling, avoid over drying and remove synthetics early
  • Use to fluff down jackets, duvets and pillows
  • Add 2-3 drops of your favourite essential oil to each wool ball to lightly scent clothes
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