Breast Types

Every part of your body is beautiful and unique including your breasts. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so when you are looking for that perfect fitting bra you need to understand the type of breasts you have so you can choose the best style to complement them. With so many styles out there today this can help limit the stress you feel when trying to choose between them. 

There are roughly 9 different breast shapes and within those categories you can usually find a couple of variations. That is not to say that you will fit in only one of these categories, you may have a mix of several. Each of these breast categories has specific bra styles that will work better than others. 

There are several factors that contribute to the shape and size of your breasts. Genetics is one of these things, however, there are several other factors that contribute. Your breasts can and probably will change over the course of your life. 

  • As you gain and lose weight your breasts may change size and shape
  • Chest exercises can change the muscle tissue underneath your breasts causing them to be more defined and firm.
  • Pregnancy can cause several changes both during and after.
  • A lack of hormones after menopause can contribute to several changes. You may notice that they sag or are smaller than they used to be.


Did you know asymmetric breasts are the most common?  This is when one breast is larger than the other and it is estimated that more than half of all women have asymmetric breasts. 


You should look into wireless bras or bralettes, however, for larger breasts that need more support you should try a t-shirt or molded bra. Racerback bralettes offer more support as well. There are also bras that allow you to use inserts to compensate for the size difference. 


Athletic breasts, regardless of the name, do not actually have anything to do with if you are athletic. The name refers to having breasts that are wider set and more muscular. They tend to have less breast tissue, but that is not always the case. 


If you would like to accentuate your breasts a push-up bra would give them a nice lift, however, you could also try a demi-cup or balconette bra. Another good option is a triangle bralette. 


The Bell breast shape is aptly named and refers to breasts which are thinner at the top and fuller at the bottom creating that bell like shape the name suggests. The heavier bottom can make your breasts look droopier and require plenty of support. 


You will want a bra that provides a good amount of lift and support like an underwire or push-up bra. If you do not like underwire, you can try a racerback bralette which should give you a fair bit of support.


With this breast shape your boobs are set wider like athletic breasts and your nipples will most likely point in opposite directions. 


You can try a T-shirt/ molded bra or a padded bra with supportive cups that give you a more rounded shape. You can also try bralettes depending on the type of support you need. 


Relaxed breasts are similar to bell shaped breasts in the fact that they tend to look droopy. They tend to be fuller and the tip and thinner at the bottom with the nipples pointed downward. It is not uncommon for women to develop this breast shape later in life. 


Like the Bell you will need a bra that has plenty of support, lift, and coverage. Bras that include underwires or padding are best. There are also certain athletic style bralettes that have good support, like the racerback. These tend to be more comfortable.


As the name suggests, breasts of this shape tend to be circular in shape and have uniform fullness at the top and bottom. There is usually very little drooping. 


You do not really need padding or lift, so an unlined or wire-free bra is a good fit. If you do not want something full coverage try a bralette. 


Side-set breasts are set wide like east-west breasts, but tend to have more tissue and the nipples are usually forward facing.


You will probably fare better with bra styles that have some flexibility in the center such as plunge bras or even demi-cup styles. You may also enjoy push-up bras that will give you a good bit of cleavage. Like most other breast types, you can also find a good bralette style that has some support if you want a more comfortable bra. 



Slender breasts are smaller on the top and droop like some of the other breast shapes but they are not as full. They typically have the nipples pointing downwards. You can have large slender breasts. 


You will probably enjoy a plunge bra, or ones with padding to give a nice lift. Underwire bras will also help give you the lift and support you want. Some bralettes also flatter this shape, but you have to find the ones with support and adjustable straps.


This breast shape is bottom heavy, like several of the others. Teardrop breasts are similar to round breasts, but they are not as full on the top. 


If you do not want pads or a ton of lift, balconettes are a good choice. However, push-up bras will give you a lovely full silhouette. Underwire bras are a great choice for this breast shape, so try a good t-shirt bra you may find it is just what you have been looking for.