How to Store Your Bras

Just like with other garments, there are specific ways that you should store bras. They are delicate and when you store them improperly you are actually cutting down on the life of your bra, which is typically only 8 months of continuous wear. This gets cut down even further if you are not washing them by hand or on the delicate washing cycle. 

I know we all want to fold everything in order to make room in our drawers for everything, however, you should never fold a bra. You should actually stack them one behind the other with the cups nestled within the one before it. This will allow both the cup and band to hold its shape longer. There are a few exceptions to the folding rule such as bras with no lining or wires. The most common of these is the sports bra or the bralette. 

If you do not want to stack your bras in a drawer, you can actually hang them. You read that right, you can hang your bras in your closet just like you do your blouses. Since the material of bras is so delicate you will want to get hangers that are soft and padded. This helps to protect the little details and embellishments they may have. There are several kinds of hangers for bras, however, the best are the ones that allow the bra to hang from its straps. There are other hangers, such as ones that have little clips. I would not recommend these for any bras that are super delicate as they could cause unintentional damage. 

Here are a couple helpful tips about traveling with your bras. A quick and easy way to keep your bras in shape while in a suitcase is to place rolled up socks into the cups. This is not fool-proof, but it can help mitigate some of the wear caused by being packed away. You should store them normally once you arrive at your destination.  If you have the time, you can also purchase a bra travel bag. The bags usually have your bras organized in upright stacks and can come with other pockets designed for other undergarments.